Geotargeting SEO Tips for Localization to Rival Your Competition

When formatting your tactic for an SEO marketing plan, there are specific factors to consider. One of the most important is geotargeting. Unless you are a global conglomerate, your company’s services will only be available to a restricted region. This could be citywide, statewide, national. Even if your company serves an entire country, focussing various ads to market in different locals, e.g. California vs. New York will definitely help when people in those regions want to work with someone who they consider local. This could be to have someone work within their time zone or just to support the local community. These geotargeting SEO tips will help you dominate the local region you aspire to operate in.

Keyword Optimization

Search Engine Optimization relies on keywords to display results. If I live in Miami but I type “Chicago Locksmith” into a search engine, I should see results for locksmiths in both cities. Without typing in the city of request, only my local locksmiths will appear on the first page. This first-page rule is important as many consider it to be the most reputable companies. An SEO agency might recommend you the trick to include these geotargeting “pair keywords” into every page of your site. The formula is (local + service). Use several variations of such examples to maximize value. Also remember, different parts of the country have various slang terms for items. Click here to see the top 16 in the U.S.

Local Headlines

Headlines are a helpful addition to increasing the “readability score” of each web page and post. It helps break up the text so readers can understand the paragraph they are about to enjoy. Use them as a chance to reiterate the localization you are hoping to attract.

Internal/External Links

Writing in a digital age and platform means we have opportunities to offer more compacted information than on paper. Video and image files are wonderful ingredients for engaging reading for posts. However, when you want to cite references you have the convenient method of implanting links. One click and you are there. Everything unfolds in an instance. The minimum is two internal links and at least one external. Internal links will lead to a page within the same domain and external to another site completely.

Take a N.A.P.

This stands for “Name, Address, Phone number” and is a quite obvious addition. However, many company websites will overlook the value of possessing a local address and phone number. Getting a P.O. box is almost enough to accurately address these issues. Local phone numbers or even an 800 number are available for funneling to a single source. Your company’s name might not be geo-specific but you can include several variations of it together. Consider adding your city name next to your service in ads and web pages to display exactly what your customers will get.

Geotargeting Is Just One Aspect

Hopefully, a couple of these points will help you formulate a website or landing page that can increase the value of your business. Put some effort into integrating this into an overall SEO plan. Geotargeting can help your business in your home area but especially in expansion over new territories. Make it look like you understand the pain-points and interests of the area you want to target by speaking the local dialect and slang. But most importantly, specify the exact neighborhoods, cities, and regions you want your business to come from.



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